Mexica Danza

Danza Mexica is a living, breathing, cultural tradition infused with artistic expression and spiritual energy. It is a way of life, that maintains a connection to the universe and cosmos to maintain harmony and balance.

Danza is used to communicate with the ancestors and with future generations, yet to come. Danza is communicated through rhythmic sounds of the drum, rich choreography and spiritual faith. Danza Mexica is a culmination of 50,000 years of cultural celebration within the valleys and forests of central Mexico.

Danza, presented by Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli is an offering that represents the Mexica pursuit for universal harmony and balance. Each dance is a prayer and provides healing for those who dance as well as those who support the dance


A wide variety of workshops connected with traditional and contemporary Native traditions and culture are available.  Some include: Working with natural herbs, Native crafts, Regalia making, History of Danza and more.  Reach out to learn more.

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