Our Mission

Grounded in commitment to cultural pride and time-honored traditions, the mission of Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli is to preserve indigenous ways of life, as they has been passed down from ancient Mexico.

Our Vision

Sharing ancient teachings and traditions to promote harmony and balance, towards the sustained growth in the quality of life amongst communities everywhere.

Meet Our Palabras

Palabras are guided by ancestral teachings and entrusted to lead our Kalpulli as a community.

Edward Jaramillo

Primero Palabra

A father, husband, healer, Native historian, community activist, and mental health behavior professional.

Quetziquetl Jaramillo

Segundo Palabra

A mother, wife, community activist, doula, and mental health services professional.

T'Karima Ticitl, PhD

Tercera Palabra

A mother, healer, community activist, educator, author, artisan, doula, and midwife student.